My first day of sobriety


My drinking has been getting a little excessive lately. So I thought I’d try to go 14 days without drinking. Just to make sure I can still do that. Well sir, I made it through my first night of sobriety last night. But only just barely.

So I’m watching the Cal-Arizona football game at this sports bar (Cal looked good but made crucial mistakes at the end). And I’m not drinking, just watching the game. And after the game is over the guy sitting next to me gets up and leaves. And he leaves behind an un-touched half of a tri-tip steak sandwich on sourdough roll and a big full bowl of beef chili.

Now one of my big credos as an alcoholic is: “Never eat and drink at the same time.” So I almost never eat any food in the evening because I’m usually drinking. But last night I was sober for once. So I figured why not. So I table-scored the food and pounded that sandwich and chili.

So now it’s around midnight and I’m ready for the mile-long up-hill hike to my campsite in the Berkeley hills. Something I handle EASILY every night when I’m drunk out of my mind. But now it’s like I got cement in my shoes. I’m so sluggish I could barely walk. I had to stop and rest 5 times. And I was so tired and sleepy I considered going to sleep right there in a doorway or something. I was on the verge of passing out. I’m telling you that big bowl of chili was like a lead weight in my guts.

It took me an hour to finally stagger up to my campsite where I collapsed in a heap.

I’m telling you. This sobriety thing can be dangerous.



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