Day Two of my 14-Day Sobriety Plan

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Day Two of my 14-Day-Sobriety plan. Like last night, I suddenly got COMPLETELY exhausted this evening. I guess my body is conditioned to be getting the energizing buzz of alcohol starting around 6PM. And without it it’s like I’m out of gas.

Staggered to this secluded little balcony spot on the campus where nobody is at on the weekends, unfolded my piece of cardboard and took a 2-hour nap (one of those naps where you’re dead asleep two seconds after you lay down).

Woke up 2 hours later and all the lights in the building were on and there was a big classroom full of students having some kind of Sunday night study session in the room right where I’m sleeping. As I wake up I realize they’re all looking out the window at me lying there like a typical homeless bum. I quickly pack up my stuff and get the hell out of there.

So far this sobriety thing has been nothing but trouble.


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