Had the strangest dream last night

The workers at the Ohio State Cartoon Museum, having some fun going through the B.N. Duncan archives.

Had the strangest dream last night. I was walking down this wide hallway in this courthouse, when I spotted my old pal B.N. Duncan. He was walking down the hallway wearing a black Judge robe, alongside the equally robed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (how’s THAT for a surreal image).

I sidled up to Duncan and asked him, “Can you talk to me?” (since he’s been dead for 9 years I wasn’t sure he could still communicate with the living).

“Yes I can communicate with you without talking,” said Duncan. And he said this without moving his lips. He was communicating to me with some form of mental telepathy.

I was thrilled and happy to see Duncan again. As well as excited by the prospect that, even though he was dead, I might still be able to communicate with him again on the psychic level.


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