The Mystery of the Secret Stash Spot Caper



I would have made a damn good private detective . . . So the last 6 months my stash spots on the campus have gotten broken into four times. This is a little unusual. Because I often go YEARS at a stretch without anybody hitting my stash spots. So I figured it was probably the same guy. A serial thief.

And maybe, not so coincidentally, this other homeless person happened to show up around 6 months ago and started hanging out right in the general vicinity of my stash spots.

So tonight around midnight, I’m secretly waiting for him in the darkness of night. I’ve noticed he heads off with his dog every night in the same direction. So I figure he’s headed towards HIS crash spot. So tonight, when he passes by, I jump up and secretly start following him from a discreet distance.

The dude never has his camping stuff on him. So I figure, like me, he stashes it in the bushes somewhere. Which is another reason why he’s a likely suspect, because he’d be savvy about stash spots and be a likely candidate to stumble upon mine. . . Sure enough, a couple hundred yards down the road he dashed into the bushes and pulls some stuff out of his stash spot. And then later, further down the road, he pulls some more stuff out of another stash spot in the bushes. So now I’m really starting to think my hunch was right and I’ve caught my suspect.

So I follow him about half way across the campus. Until he suddenly darts into this wooded area and disappears. That is almost certainly his main crash spot where he’s got all of his camping stuff stashed.

So tomorrow, in the light of day, I am going to investigate all of his stash spots. And if I find so much as ONE of my stolen items amidst his stuff, I am going to take all of his stuff and dump it out on the side of the road. And the next time I see him, the next time I pass him on the street, I’m not going to say anything to him. I’m just going to give him a good hard glare. To give him something to think about.


This morning I managed to spot him at his crash spot at the Eucalyptus Grove on the campus, lounging around with his dog. So I figured his camping stuff must be stashed in the bushes somewhere nearby. Well, sir, it took me several hours of meticulously combing the grounds of the Berkeley campus. But thanks to logic, deductive reasoning, keen intelligence AND perseverance I was finally able to track down the dude’s secret stash spot where he keeps his camping gear and all of his stuff.

And. None of my stolen stuff was in with his stuff.

Thus ends another episode of Hardy Boys Mystery Thrillers.



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