May the least boring candidate win

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Boring or not boring. On a scale of 1-to-10 how would you rate the candidates on the bore-o-meter? . . . . Just look at those two faces. Trump has a wise-ass smirk on his face, he’s about to say something either incredibly stupid, vulgar, crazy, demented, insulting and/or outrageous. But not boring. . . Whereas Hillary’s face is expressing that she’s a kind, caring, bright, intelligent person who’s about to go into excruciating detail about some policy wonk regarding her proposed health-care plan or site some obscure statistics regarding the national deficit and how it pertains to the state of the economy. Or, in other words; BORING.

I predicted Trump was going to win the 2016 presidential election almost from the beginning. Even as all the experts were telling me I was wrong and that Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide. When people asked me why I was so sure Trump would win, I said: “I predict Trump will win because Hillary is so boring.”

Ha ha. How’s that for a sophisticated analysis of presidential politics.

But my premise really isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem. When you look back at our previous presidential elections, the one common denominator is that the more boring candidate invariably lost. For example, check out this chart (Republicans on the left, Democrats on the right) with the more boring of the candidates duly noted:

2016  Trump – Hillary (boring)
2012  Romney (boring) – Obama
2008  McCain (boring) – Obama
2004  Bush – Kerry (boring)
2000  Bush – Gore (boring)
1996  Dole (boring) – Clinton
1992  Bush Sr. (boring) – Clinton
1988  Bush Sr. – Dukakis (boring)
1984  Reagan – Mondale (boring)
1980  Reagan – Carter (boring)
1976  Ford (boring) – Carter
1972  Nixon – McGovern (boring)
1968  Nixon – Humphrey (boring)
1964  Goldwater (boring) – Johnson
1960  Nixon (boring) – Kennedy

I rest my case.

Some people scoffed at the idea of Trump winning the presidency, claiming:  “How can a reality TV show star become president?” Which reminded me of something Ronald Reagan used to say when they asked him how an actor could become president. He said “I don’t see how you can be president WITHOUT being an actor.”

In fact the presidency is a 24-hour-a-day reality TV show. And considering we’re going to have to look at the guy’s face every day for the next 4 years, the LAST thing we want is somebody boring. And Trump may well be repulsive to many. But boring he is not.

David Letterman — who despised Trump — conceded he was a great for his show. “Trump is one of those guys that says whatever’s on his mind. That’s what makes him a great TV talk show guest.”

So may the least boring candidate win.


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