Halloween 2018 at the stroke of midnight

“Trick or treat.”

Oh man THIS made my night!!

It’s midnight Halloween night and I really want a beer. Somehow it offends my tender sensibilities to be sober on Halloween night, of all nights. But the problem is, most of the businesses (and liquor stores) on the Ave close early on Halloween night. Things can get a little wild on Halloween so I guess it’s a safety precaution.

My only hope is 7-11. But they’re eight blocks down the road. But I have true grit, so I make a mad dash in that direction. But just as I arrive I see the two employees in the process of locking the front door.

“Are you still open?” I said hopefully.

“No we’re closed,” he said.

“AWWW!!” I said in real pain.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Is there any chance I could grab something real quick?”

“What you want?”

“A six-pack of Racer.”

“OK. But be quick. You can pay me tomorrow.” The cash register is already shut down for the night so he’s giving me this incredible break of fronting me the beer.

Image may contain: one or more people


I rush into 7-11. Grab the six-pack. “Hurry hurry!!” he calls out. As I rush by him in the doorway I push knuckles in appreciation.

“Here’s a 20,” I said handing him the bill.

“Come by tomorrow for your change,” he says.

“Keep the change,” I call out over my shoulder as I march towards the Ave. What he did was REALLY above and beyond the call of duty.

Sometimes the gods are just on your side.

Happy Halloween everybody!!


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