No butts about it


Obscure Hate Man trivia: Every night, for the 26 years that I knew him, at the end of the night, every night, when everyone was getting ready to crash, and Hate Man was getting ready to call it a night. He would pick up every single cigarette butt that had been tossed to the ground during the course of the day and the evening. Often there would be hundreds of butts on the ground. Hate Camp was kind of a men’s smoking club after all. But Hate Man would make sure the grounds were spotless before he crashed. It kind of reminded me of ushers cleaning up the theater after the show was over. For Hate Camp was like a weird form of street theater in a way.

Even more obscure Hate Man trivia. Those of us who remember the Hate Camp period on Sproul Plaza will remember Hate Man obsessively collecting all the discarded cigarette butts into three separate piles. The butts with tan filters, the butts with white filters, and the rollies.

I don’t know why Hate Man did that. They all just ended up in a garbage can after all. But you can bet Hate Man had his reasons. Ha ha.

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