The burning of the Berkeley Inn

Going, going, gone.

The Berkeley Inn 1986.

The top photo is from right after the first fire. Almost certainly arson. It started mysteriously in a wing of the building where no people were living. So investigators were baffled as to what could have started the fire. Which is why they strongly suspected arson.

Fortunately the firefighters were able to save the building before there was substantial damage. As you can see from the top photo. So all the tenants were temporarily housed in motels. And plans were made to tentatively repair the damage.

But then — wouldn’t you just know it — a SECOND fire broke out. Even more mysterious than the first fire. Since there were no tenants in the building at the time, and all the electricity had been cut off. As you can see from the middle photo the building was completely gutted by the second fire.

And the bottom photo shows the remains of the Berkeley Inn, right before it was completely demolished by the wrecking crew.

But there’s a happy ending to the story. At least for the owner of the Berkeley Inn. Who got a big insurance settlement after the Berkeley Inn was demolished. And lived happily ever after. The End.

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