The Quayle Quarterly

Twisted Image, by Ace Backwords

One of the lowest moments of my cartooning career:

I don’t know if you remember the QUAYLE QUARTERLY. It was this magazine back when George Bush Sr. was Prez that mocked and satirized the Vice Prez, Dan Quayle. The main joke that the QUAYLE QUARTERLY repeated (over and over and over) was that Dan Quayle was really, really dumb and isn’t that really, really funny. They happened to see this comic strip I did about Bush, which they really liked.  So they offered me a thousand bucks up front to come up with 12 cartoons just like it (hopefully) about Dan Quayle for an anti-Dan Quayle calendar that they were gonna publish (one whacky Ace Backwords anti-Dan Quayle comic strips per month).

So I labored mightily and sweated profusely for several weeks to come up with the requisite 12 anti-Dan Quayle comic strips.

But the problem was. I found Dan Quayle so boring and pointless. All 12 of the comic strips I hacked out were crap.

The publishers of the Dan Quayle calendar also concluded my comic strips were crap. And decided not to publish them in their Dan Quayle calendar.

But at least they had the decency to pay me the thousand bucks anyways. Because they had commissioned me for the assignment.

And their Dan Quayle calendar was even crappier than my Dan Quayle comic strips.

Twisted Image, by Ace Backwords
Pretty lame.


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