Rating the cats on the purr-o-meter

They say that every cat has a unique personality. And I can attest that every one of my cats also has a unique purring style. So I’ve rated the 5 feral cats at my campsite on the purr-0-meter:

1.) MOO CAT has the longest and the loudest purr. And she has this motor that takes it to a second gear where she purrs louder and louder. Until she’s almost out of control. Moo is a bit manic/depressant.


2.) SCAREDY CAT isn’t quite as loud as Moo Cat. But she has the widest variety of different sounding purrs, clucking and cooing and etc. Very melodic-sounding.


3.) MINI SCAREDY doesn’t purr very loudly but very steadily. She’s always a happy cat.


4.) MICRO SCAREDY is the most perverse of the cats. She purrs the loudest when she’s harassing me in the morning, jabbing me in the face with her claws over and over to wake me up so I’ll fix her breakfast. She really enjoys being a prick.


5.) FATTY the black cat gets the least physical attention from me because she’s been banished from my campsite. So when I do pet her it usual takes her awhile to get her purring motor going. And when she starts purring its pretty quiet. But once she starts purring she never stops. Fatty is like the quiet, introverted girl who has a crush on you but is too shy to tell you.



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