Micro Scaredy finally goes too far

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

I love Micro Scaredy, of course. But, frankly, she can really be an asshole sometimes. Did I mention she wakes me up every night at 4 in the morning, meowing at me incessantly, and jabbing at my face with her claws. It’s her special way of letting me know that she’s hungry and she wants me to get up and fix her a nice big breakfast as soon as possible.

Mini Scaredy has always gotten along with Micro Scaredy. Usually they’re like two peas in a pod. Best friends. And I’ve never seen them have any conflicts. But Micro must have done something to piss off Mini this morning. Because while I was lying under my blankets I suddenly heard the loudest cat-screeching sound I had ever heard. For some reason Mini is screeching right in Micro’s face. At one point Mini even lunged at Micro’s face, fangs bared, like she was thinking of biting Micro’s nose. Then she did the weirdest thing. Mini started spinning around in circles while she was screeching. I’d never seen anything like it. She was pissed.

Meanwhile, Micro is just sitting there looking at Mini with a blank expression on her face, like: “WHAT is your PROBLEM, girl??”

Finally Mini Scaredy walked away in a huff. And laid down at the end of my blankets with her back to Micro. Instead of nestling with Micro like usual. It was like the classic move when a couple is arguing with each in bed. The guy grabs some blankets and goes and sleeps on the couch.

But I guess that’s one of the things that makes cats interesting. As long as you know them they can always come up with something new. That spinning-around-in-circles move was a new one.

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