The first, but most likely not the last, soaking of the Rainy Season of 2018-2019

The look Mini Scaredy gives me when she’s thinking : “Yeah yeah yeah, we know you had a bad night and you’re all wet. But lets not forget the important things. Like getting up and fixing us our breakfast.”

I almost blew it last night. The weather report said a light rain was coming in around 4am, and less than a tenth-of-an-inch of rain. I could have played it safe and slept in a nice, dry doorway. But I thought I’d take a chance and sleep at my campsite. I have a light tarp about the size of a beach towel. And I figured that would be enough to keep my blankets dry.

Around 4am the rain comes in right on schedule. A light soothing patter on top of my tarp at first. But after an hour it kept pattering. And louder and louder. The “light rain” turned into actual rain. I’m under my tarp shouting at the rain “STOP STOP STOP!!” But the rain never listens to me. It keeps drumming down relentlessly. Puddles of water are starting to accumulate on my cardboard. My clothes and my blankets are starting to get seriously wet.

Just when it looked like I was doomed the rain finally started to lighten up around 6am. And completely stopped as the sun was just starting to come up.

I pulled myself out of the tarp to assess the damage. Both of my feral cats were sleeping peacefully on top of my tarp. . . I always wondered how they handled the rain. I guess they’re equipped to deal easily with a relatively light storm like this. The surface of their fur was a little wet and matted. But I guess the water doesn’t penetrate much beyond the surface. Nature endowed them with their own stylin’ fur raincoats.

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