My basic spiritual outlook

I sometimes think this entire Universe is nothing but a twinkle in the eye of God. And that He conjured the whole thing up out of His infinite imagination. And one day He’ll blink His eye and the whole thing will dissolve back into nothingness. . . Sometimes I think, in the end nothing exists except God. And everything else is just a strange dream.

Or maybe I’m just drunk.

6 thoughts on “My basic spiritual outlook

  1. I have since read more of your blog and I do find it fascinating Ace. I feel a kinship with you that I do not mean to be disrespectful by. I could so easily have gone that path. I feel my other comment may be too “personal” and not show respect to you as a person. I did not mean to do that. I am not happy with the world I see, nor am I willing to stick my neck out to be affronted by those who are suppose to care about me. I no longer feel a need to want to hack myself off either.
    I have a purpose. It is to forgive the cruel nonsense I see around me. Knowing that it is just the sad musings of a god who thought he had separated from his creator. When we can forgive him and ourselves for being part of the plot of self destruction, we will unitedly be taken up into the loving arms of our father, where we have always been and who never left us in the first place.
    I am sorry to hear about your father’s passing. I think he can be closer to you now than he was before. I know that is how I feel about my daughter who passed in 2014 when there was a great distance between us. She walks with me daily now. Our song (hers and mine) came on when I was being introduced to you yesterday. I think it means she knew that I would feel a connection to you.
    I followed your blog and enjoy your posts. I do not want to be homeless. I use to think that I did and was for 3-4 months about 10 years apart, but no, I do not. I like my own toilet and a place to stretch out my legs outside of nature’s wet and chill.

    And maybe, not unlike you, I find writing is my service in the world, even if no one reads it, I have put it out in the cosmic consciousness. I like to think it may do some good, I know it helps me.
    I like to think that you would be able to get your social security early and get yourself some little spot to keep you out of the rain. I know whatever you do it will be right for you.
    You are known to me now and have a place in my heart Peter. Know that you are dearly loved by God and all is well. I know you know this somewhere inside, beyond all this nonsense we call life.
    Knowing more of your history now I can see where my chosen pseudonym might be abrasive or offensive to you. You do not need to post my comments. I am okay with that. And if you do, I will be honored to be counted as your friend. Be well.
    PS I really enjoyed and resonated with this post. Thank you for your “being”.

    1. I appreciate your very soulful comments, Yvonne. Hope you can avoid being homeless. It’s not for everyone and can be very difficult. I’ve been doing it so long it’s just second nature to me and my natural mileau. That’s a nice way to put it, seeing your writing as a “service to the world.” I think it truly is. It can help to add some sense to an often confusing world. Myself, I mostly write because I enjoy doing it. It’s also kind of a therapy for me. And if other people enjoy it, too, well, that’s great. All the best. Ace

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