Frank Sinatra vs. Jackie Mason: the punch line


When Frank Sinatra married the 19-year-old Mia Farrow in 1967 — 30 years his junior —  the comedian Jackie Mason couldn’t resist making jokes about it. Referring to the couple’s nightly ritual: “Frank soaks his dentures and Mia brushes her braces…then she takes off her roller skates and puts them next to his cane…he peels off his toupee and she unbraids her hair…”

Sinatra was enraged by the jokes. And sent a couple of thugs to Mason’s dressing room to tell him to knock off the Sinatra jokes or else. Mason told the thugs to fuck off, and kept telling the Sinatra jokes. Until one night when he was beaten to a pulp by two thugs wearing brass knuckles, shattering his nose and jaw.

But, as usual, the comedian usually ends up getting in the last word. After Jackie Mason had his face wired back together, he added a new Sinatra joke to his routine: “Frank Sinatra saved my life one night. He said: ‘Boys, that’s enough.'” Ha ha

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