May the best buzz win

With presidential politics, a lot of it is the “buzz factor.” Who can generate that buzz. That electricity. That can excite the masses.

Al Gore never had it. George W. Bush had just enough of it to get by. Obama always had it. Trump has it. Mitt Romney never had it (he had the anti-buzz factor — he could deflate a room just by entering it). Orcasio-Cortez has it. Bernie Sanders had it in 2016 (whether he STILL has it in 2020 is another question). Kamala Harris doesn’t have it. Elizabeth Warren?? — buzz-kill personified. Jimmy Carter didn’t have it. Jack and Bobby Kennedy had it — Teddy didn’t. Ronald Reagan had it. Bill Clinton always had it. Hillary Clinton had it briefly but wore out her buzz. Joe Biden doesn’t have it. . . I keep being told this Beto O’Rourke guy has it, but I can’t see it (but it could be I’m wrong).

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