You know me: Always lookin’ on the bright side

I tossed and turned for hours last night — again — unable to sleep because of the pain in my legs. Then around 6AM the pain miraculously went away (that’s the weird thing about this thing — the pain comes and goes for no discernible reason). . . I curled over on my side in blissful pain-free comfort. And was just about to drift off into wonderful ecstatic blessed sleep sleep sleep. When. I hear this pitter-patter sound. No. Yes. IT’S RAINING!!!

I briefly considered going on a rampage that would get me on the front page of newspapers all across the country. But then considered against that. I almost had to laugh. The timing was so perfect (sometimes you’re just on a roll).

I pulled my head out from under my soggy blankets. Noticed Moo Cat and Fatty about 30 yards down the trail waiting for their breakfast. Fortunately I had a pack of hot dogs in my backpack (8 hot dogs for a dollar at the Dollar Tree, they’re cheaper than cat food (which makes you wonder what’s in those things)). I tossed them one by one like footballs down the trail to my cats. Perfect spirals sort of. As Moo Cat and Fatty scampered after the hot dogs in hot pursuit. So at least I didn’t have to get up to feed them. So you can always look on the bright side.

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