THE BOOK OF WEIRDO by Jon B. Cooke: A goddamn book review

The stories behind the stories behind R. Crumb’s WEIRDO magazine.

Just an incredible accomplishment by Jon B. Cooke. He must have worked like a bastard on the thing for 15 years. A true labor of love. And the loving details he labors over on every page of the thing proves that point. Even R. Crumb — who famously hates everything — has reportedly loved the damn thing.

Exquisite details are given to the individual stories of virtually all the artists, writers and crackpots who lovingly became known as part of the WEIRDO family. Proud fucking weirdos all of them. How Jon managed to track them down is a mystery. Many of whom ended up in jail or mental institutions or living in the woods feeding feral cats.

How can I sum up this incredible accomplishment by Jon B. Cooke. As well as the fantastic cover and Introduction by Drew Friedman — which perfectly captures the tone of all which will follow in the proceeding 300 or so pages. The thing must weigh at least 10 pounds. And worth every ounce.

What can I say. I’ll be reading and re-reading this thing for years to come.


You can order direct from Last Gasp

2 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF WEIRDO by Jon B. Cooke: A goddamn book review

  1. I just dropped by your site to see what you’ve been up to & I find out there’s going to be a new book on Weirdo. Great. Now I’m gonna have to plunk down another $30 or so on reading material as if I don’t already have stacks lying around my apt already unread. I really like your blog, you should put up a paypal link for donations. I don’t want to insult you but I see nearly every other blog on the internet has donation links & none of those people have feral cats they have to take care of. Take care, I really dig your reports from your existence as I enjoyed your comix back in Weirdo years ago.

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