Zipruanna will be going now


Zipruanna was considered a great holy man in India back in the day. An Enlightened Being. A Saint. A Cosmic Master. A Guru. Even though he preached no sermons. Published no books. Espoused no philosophy. And organized no religious sect in his name.

He spent most of his time living in the skuzzy part of town by the city dump. Mostly just hanging out with a pack of wild dogs who he would feed scraps. . . And yet when people came in contact with Zipruanna that would often have spontaneous profound spiritual experiences. Where they would experience the presence of God. Mystical experiences. Glimpses of enlightment. In Hindu lore its called Shakti. And realized beings have the ability to transmit the Shakti experience — the ultimate contact high — to other people.

So Zipruanna was revered by the other people in the town where he lived. Even though he mostly just wore nothing but a loin cloth and hung out at the city dump with his pack of wild dogs.

Near the end of his life Zipruanna knocked on the door of one of his devotees and asked for a little food. The devotee was honored that this great being would grace her humble house. So she fixed him a plate of rice and vegetables. Zipruanna ate a bit of the food. And then asked if he could take a bath. Something he rarely did. Again the devotee was honored by the request.

After bathing Zipruanna said to her: “Zipruanna will be going now. You can cry if you want.” And Zipruanna closed his eyes and died.

The end.

One thought on “Zipruanna will be going now

  1. I always wonder about the level of opium consumption of these gurus. I know that is kind of cynical. I just figure that is something gurus wouldn’t broadcast. I mean do you think when the Beatles went to India they didn’t smoke opium? I met one woman who was in India and based on what she said opium seemed to be a panacea. I have met one person who smoked opium and he said it was a game changer. I have no idea what he meant though.

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