Nothing like getting the ole’ Flashlight Treatment at 1 in the morning

The party’s over.

I just got rousted by the cops. It’s 1 am and I’m drunk out of mind and drinking in public and suddenly the cops are giving me the flashlight treatment. Shining the light right in my eyes..So I’m not only drunk and bewildered, I’m also blinded by the light.

“Could I see your ID,” asks the cop. A female cop.

“Certainly,” I said. I fumble around in my wallet hoping I can find my ID.

The legendary Officer Sean Arenus suddenly shows up. He’s riding that stand-up electric scooter thing he rides. So I know I gotta play my cards right . Because he’s ever willing to arrest any street people if you give him the slightest reason.

I’m bullshitting with the woman cop. Giving her my best charm act. And hoping I can pull it off. As she runs my name across the wire. If they want they could give me $250 open container ticket. Or if they really want to be pricks they could arrest me and haul me off to the drunk tank. But I’m hoping I’m pulling off my “suave” act.

“Thank you for your cooperation,” says the female officer as she hands me back my ID. I quickly pack up my stuff and walk past the cops carrying my cup of beer and what’s left of my 40 of OE in a black bag and get my ass out of there. “Have a nice evening,” I say to the officers of the law as I make my exit stage left. “You too,” said the female cop.

That’s generally how I try and handle this kind of stuff. Now I’m across the street from the campus finishing my 40 and living happily ever after 
At least for the moment.

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