Yet another weird dream in a seemingly endless series of weird dreams


Weird dream. I’ve gone to France to visit Crumb. He lives in this medieval stone castle. There’s a lot of people hanging out in his living room so it’s hard to get his attention. Finally I sidle up to him and say “So how about that Book Of Weirdo?” That piques his interest. We both start discussing the book. I mentioned how the author, Jon, kept contacting me year after year for a decade asking me questions about Weirdo for his book, and after awhile I had him pegged as one of those guys who’s always talking about artistic projects they never actually do. Ha ha. At one point I mentioned how Duncan would have loved the book and would have read and re-read every page over and over.

Then it was time for me to go so I announced I was leaving. “Ciao,” I said (I’m in Europe after all). But nobody acknowledges me or says goodbye. They’re completely indifferent. Which hurts my feelings. Crumb wanders off to hang out with some naked women (same old Crumb).

Then comes the weird part of the dream. I’m trying to get on a bus that will take me to the BART trains so I can get home. But every person I ask for directions gives me the wrong directions, purposely, out of malevolence just to screw with me. I get more and more lost. At one point I’m walking down this country road and it suddenly starts raining. I left my umbrella back at Crumb’s place so I get soaked. I cry out in anguish, things just keep going from bad to worse. I realize I’m getting more and more lost. So I turn around and head back where I came from.

Then the obligatory feral cat scene that usually pops up in my dreams. These cats are sleeping on these gigantic slices of pizza, rolling around in the gooey melted cheese.

Then I’m at a McDonald’s. All these rowdy high school kids are acting up and being threatening. I ask one of the teen girls for directions to BART. She says “It’s simple. Just keep heading down this street until you reach 3rd St.” So now I’m riding on a unicycle pedaling around in circles (go figure). Still trying to find my way back home.

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