Road Rage

We were talking about road rage on another thread, and how stupid little incidences can sometimes escalate into bigger things.

And it reminded me of this one time when I was hitch-hiking on this 4-lane highway in Northern California. Stuck there for hours, nobody picking me up. Getting more and more pissed all the time. So I decided to take a break and get a soda at this store across the street. But as I’m crossing in the middle of the street this car seemingly speeds up and changes lanes to come right at me, just to fuck with me. So as I sprinted out of his way I gave him the finger and cursed at him as he passed me.

The guy actually stopped his car, put it in reverse, and came back to challenge me to a fight. I immediately apologized, said I was just frustrated that nobody would pick me up. That satisfied him and he sped off. It wasn’t worth getting into a fight over, after all, which is why I handled it that way.

But I thought: “Nobody will stop to help me out. But somebody will stop to fuck me up. What a world.” Ha ha.

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