A raccoon on the road-side

A couple of guests showed up at my hangout spot this evening.

It reminded me of an odd scene the other night. I was headed up the road to my campsite around midnight when I spotted one of my feral cats hanging out in the darkness on the other side of the road where she waits for me every night. So I called out to her, and she came trotting over to me. But when I got a good look at her it turned out to be a raccoon and not my cat.

But the weird thing was how she came right up to me — to within a couple feet of me —  when I called out to her. Usually raccoons are much more wary about approaching humans, especially in public places. I guess she was familiar with me because of all the years I’ve been camping in the woods. She’s probably one of the raccoons that regularly sneaks up to my cat food dish and steals my cat food as soon as I fall asleep.

I looked into my backpack for some food. Spotted a jar of peanuts and tossed them out to the raccoon. It’s cute how they pick up the food with their hands and shovel it into their faces just like humans.

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