Another harrowing encounter with the Just-Out-of-the-Joint dude

This lunatic is back. The Just-Out-of-the-Joint fellow. He somehow managed to get out of his cage again and grace us with his presence at the Berkeley Public Library. The last time he was here he managed to last 5 minutes before they threw him out for threatening to cut up the guy sitting next to him. ( )

Now he’s at the computer at the cubicle directly in front of me, so I can’t help but be looking in his general direction. He stands up, glares at me, repeatedly accuses me of eye-balling him. Calls me an unpleasant name. Makes several threats. I put on my headphones and lower my head down and just try to block out this human nightmare.

The guy at the computer next to me starts making mocking comments at the guy and laughing at him (he’s either very brave or very stupid or quite possibly both). Which at least diverts the lunatic’s attention away from me to this new target. “YOU WANNA STEP OUTSIDE AND SETTLE THIS?? YOU DON’T KNOW WHO I AM!! YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU’RE MESSING WITH!!” The guy sitting next to me smirks again. I move my cup of coffee away from my cellphone, just in case it gets knocked over when the lunatic comes over to bash the guy’s head in.

But before things gets ugly, this big, black security guard is standing in front of the lunatic. “WHY YOU TELLING ME I’M THE ONE THAT’S GOT TO LEAVE?? THEY’RE THE ONES YOU SHOULD BE TELLING TO LEAVE!! THEY’RE THE ONES CAUSING ALL THE DISTURBANCE!! I’M GOING TO CALL THE POLICE!!” He dials the police on his cellphone. Babbles at the dispatcher for awhile. Mentions that, yes, he’s a “parolee” (what a surprise). Gives the address of the Berkeley Public Library. Says good-bye. And then packs up his stuff and is escorted out of the library by the security guard.

Just another day at the races.

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