More hang-ups at my hang-out spot

One of the constant sources of conflicts between street people is: People are territorial by nature. And that goes for street people, too. But the problem is, most street people don’t have ANY territory that is actually there’s. Unlike you indoors people living in your homes and apartments — where there are clearly-defined lines that separate YOUR territory from OTHER people’s territory (like walls and fences and legal property rights). No such lines exist for street people. And when you get into these conflicts as to who has a right to what spaces, you can’t exactly complain to the rent board or the police. You just have to kind of work it out on your own.

Last night I was hanging out at one of my favorite hangout spots, charging my cellphone and babbling on Facebook. When I was approached by this guy — one of my fellow homeless street bros. He’s lugging one of those luggage-on-wheels things with all his stuff in it, and he stops about 15 feet from where I’m sitting and glares at me. And I glare back at him.

I had an ugly scene once before with the guy where I had to run him off. He wanted to hang out and charge his cellphone on the outlet I’m using. Which is obnoxious. There are hundreds of other outlets on the campus that he could use. So there’s no reason why he needs to invade my privacy, and my peace and quiet, with his existence (Did I mention he’s one of those street people that has the demeanor of a drunken, screeching, cantankerous hillbilly?).

So he stands there glaring at me. Like he’s debating in his mind whether he should move any closer to me. Finally he decides better of it, turns and starts to walk away.

But then he comes back, stands there again about 15 feet away from me, glaring at me. And sneers at me: “I DON’T NEED YOUR PERMISSION TO BE HERE!!!” Glares at me some more.

Then he turns and leaves, heads on back down the stairs, his luggage-on-wheels thing making a loud thumping noise on every step.

I guess he DOES need my permission.

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