More misadventures waiting on line at the good ole Dollar Tree


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Sometimes it’s the little things that can get to you. So I’m waiting on line at the Dollar Tree. A LONG line. Only one register open. When another cashier suddenly shows up and opens up a second register. “I’ll take the next person on line,” she announces.

But these guys behind me on line — these three young Asian guys — cut in front of me and prepare to put their groceries on the counter ahead of me.

I don’t know if I was being petty. But I was in no mood for this shit. So I said: “It’s the next person in line. You can’t cut in front of me.”

They stood there for about 5 seconds. Staring at me blankly. And most definitely not retreating. I don’t know if they didn’t understand English. Or didn’t understand the concept. Or just didn’t care. So I reiterated my position.


I don’t know if they understood English. But they definitely understood my facial expression. Which said loud and clear: “If you dare to put your groceries on the counter ahead of me, they won’t be staying on that counter for very long.”

They got the message and moved on back behind me.

But they ended up getting the last laugh. Most of the people waiting on line ahead of me moved over to the second register. Leaving the first register almost deserted. So the Asian guys waltzed over to that register. And they got their groceries rung up, and they were out the door, while I was still waiting on line.

Sheesh. Sometimes you can’t win. But at least they won playing fair and square.

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