More rock star gossip for the helluvit’ (PLUS, Yoko Ono’s feet)

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The back-story behind this photograph, fab Facebook readers:

Around 1969 John and Yoko decided to take a break from saving the world from violence and war and shit with their Give Peace A Chance campaign, and take a family road trip to Scotland. So they packed up their respective prodigy — little Julian and wee Kyoko — into the backseat of the car and hit the road. Yoko insisted that John drive the car. She was encouraging John to be more manly and assertive and take control (though you have to wonder about the wisdom of someone who would encourage somebody like John Lennon to get behind the wheels of a car). (And for the record this would be the last time John Lennon would ever attempt to drive an automobile) (Now you know, fab readers).

John somehow managed to drive the car successfully all the way from London to Liverpool. They wanted to stop in and say hi to John’s beloved Aunt Mimi along the way. Aunt Mimi was a fairly blunt person. So as soon as Aunt Mimi caught a good look at Yoko Ono and her act for the first time, she took John aside and said: “So who’s the poison dwarf.”

So then the happy campers said goodbye to beloved Aunt Mimi and resumed their road trip. Though shortly thereafter John lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a ditch. John pulled himself out of the wreckage and triumphantly cried; “WE’RE ALIVE!! WE’RE ALIVE!!” Though they would all need to get their wounds patched up with many stitches and Yoko would suffer a miscarriage.

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John and Yoko actually took the wrecked car and mounted on a dais, like a statue, in the front yard of their English estate. Now THAT’S art!!

So anyways (and yes I’m getting back to the point of this fab anecdote) while Yoko was recovering from her wounds they wheeled in a bed into the Abbey Road studio. So Yoko could lie there and recuperate while she watched John and the Beatles record their latest hit record. This photo of John and Paul was taken by Yoko lying in her bed. Which is why her feet ended up in the shot 

Now you know, fab Facebook readers!

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