The Ballad of John and Mimi

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One of the weirder characters in the Beatles story was John’s Aunt Mimi (she was the sister of John’s mother). She never had any children of her own. But pried John away from his mother — her sister — when he was about 5 years old. And raised John like a son until he was an adult. 

She told John that his mother had went away somewhere and disappeared, which is why she was raising him. In fact John’s mother was living in a town a couple miles away. Why Aunt Mimi pulled this deception people still speculate about. But it had a warping affect on John’s psyche.

When John Lennon was about 17 Aunt Mimi spilled the beans and told John that his mother was actually alive and well and living in the next town. Which stunned John. His mother was alive after all.

So John actually got to be re-united with his mother. And for about a year they had an intense relationship. I believe she even bought John his first guitar and taught him his first chords — she was a banjo player.

And then just when John was starting to resolve some of his “mother” issues, his mother got run over and killed by an off-duty drunk-driving cop. Lennon went berzerk. Went on an alcohol and drug fueled bender that lasted years (if not for the rest of his life). And then wrote many beautiful love songs that were probably unrequited love songs to the mother that he never really got to know.

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