Of Mice and Men (and Feral Cats)

Roar of the mighty lion!!

Mini Scaredy is the most amazing hunter I have ever seen. Just about every other day she brings a mouse back to my campsite. . . The other thing that amazes me is: 1.) I had no idea there were so many mice in the Berkeley hills, and 2.) You’d think eventually the mice would realize that they’d be better off by occupying a part of the universe that didn’t include Mini Scaredy.

But this morning Mini Scaredy went too far. I’m sleeping under my blankets at my campsite, when Mini Scaredy climbs on top of my blankets with her latest mouse (she always has to show it off to me). The mouse is still alive and Mini Scaredy is doing that cat-and-mouse thing where she’s playing with it for awhile before she goes in for the kill (cats!!). But the mouse manages to escape and darts under my blankets. So now I’ve got a live mouse scurrying around under my blankets. I jump up and start flinging my blankets in the air, trying to flush out the mouse. Finally the mouse goes flying in the air and rolls down the hill. With Mini Scaredy in hot pursuit.

Nothing like starting your morning off with a little savagery.

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