A pot story for the helluvit’


There’s probably a reason why Cheech & Chong were so popular with the stoner set. Back in my pot-head days, me and my stoner friends used to do stuff just as stupid as their routines.

This one time, this stoner friend of mine happened to score a brown paper-bag full of marijuana leaf, with just enough bud-shake mixed into it to make it worth our while. So the plan was to roll it all up into joints and sell ’em for a buck each.

But the problem was, the freshly-harvested leaf was too moist to roll into smokeable joints. So my stoner friend came up with what seemed like an excellent idea:

“Lets take this bag full of leaf down to the 7-11. We’ll pop it into the microwave and dry it off so we can sell it.”

“Excellent idea!” I said.

So that’s what we did. The cashier was busy dealing with customers, so he didn’t even notice us sneaking into the back of the store and popping the paper bag into the microwave. After the first cycle it was still too moist. So my friend popped it back into the microwave for a second cycle. And then a third. “One more cycle oughta’ do it!” said my friend with a confident smile. And that fourth cycle really did the trick, all right. That leaf was definitely dry enough to smoke now. In fact, the paper-bag burst into flames right inside the microwave.

“HOLY SHIT!!” said my friend. 

He grabbed the flaming bag of leaf out of the microwave. Stomped out the fire. And now black clouds of smoke were billowing out of the smoldering paper bag. My friend grabbed the bag and we fled towards the exit, leaving a trail of smoke in our wake. That 7-11 probably wreaked of pot for some time to come. But fortunately, we were out the door, and down the street before anybody noticed us. And I made a point of avoiding that 7-11 for the next couple of weeks.

I bet comedic professionals like Cheech & Chong could have turned stupidity like that into comedy gold.

Image result for cheech and chong in car

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