Micro Scaredy is the least affectionate of my feral cats


Micro Scaredy is completely and totally self-centered. She doesn’t even like me all that much. When I try to pet her she usually recoils, and after a couple pets she steps away from me, like: “Get the fuck away from me, dude. Just make with the cat food every day, and then don’t bother me. Just get the fuck out of my face.”

Ha ha .

I don’t mean this as a put-down. That’s just how she is. That’s her nature. And it makes her special and unique to me.

Most of the other cats at my campsite are extremely affectionate and can’t get enough of me. But not Micro Scaredy. She’s the haughty diva.

But every now and then she will approach me and stand in front of me with a look that says: “Yes. Now you can pet me. Please pet me.”

Ha ha The great Micro Sacredy.


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