Psychotic reaction

Wore this shirt for the first time today. As I was walking around town today, three different people shouted at me: “PSYCOTIC PINEAPPLE!!!” They were all smiling, but it was still a little un-nerving. I’m not the kind of person who likes to call attention to himself in public. Nor advertise about my state of mind.

So I tried to sneak into this bar on Telegraph. This sports bar. Pappy’s. I wanted to discreetly grab some of their condiments from their condiment table — packets of mustard and mayo — so that I could make a ham-and-swiss-cheese sandwich. 

As soon as the bartender saw me — this cute chick bartender behind the bar — she shouted at me:


Which was nice. Except now everyone in the bar is staring at me as I’m trying to pilfer some packets of mustard and mayo.

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