Fatty follows me down the trail


Fatty loves me so much. After feeding her this morning I headed down the trail from my campsite to the road. Fatty followed me all the way down the trail EVERY step of the way. Periodically I would have to stop walking because Fatty was darting back and forth between my legs, rubbing against my ankles. And I was afraid I’d step on her. I’d stop for awhile and pet her. Then when I’d start walking again she’d lunge at my legs with her claws. Like she’s saying: “DON’T LEAVE ME!!”

I had to slide my feet on the ground like I was skating to keep from stepping on her. Which was a pain in the ass. It took me 10 minutes just to shuffle down the trail. But Fatty loves me. So I put up with it. And I sure don’t want to step on her…

FINALLY I made it down to the foot of the trail, right by the road. Now I was afraid Fatty was going to follow me as I crossed the street. She could get hit by a car (Fatty lives in the woods — she doesn’t understand cars and traffic).

So I shushed her away as I crossed the street.

As I walked down the road I looked back over my shoulder. And Fatty was sitting there in the woods looking at me with a forlorn look as I made my exit down the road. She’s already missing me 


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