I’d probably call the book “KITTIES IN THE MIST: My Life Living Among a Tribe of Feral Cats”

Many people have suggested over the years that I write a book about my feral cats. And it would probably be a pretty good book. A decent editor could probably put together a pretty interesting book just by compiling all the photos and writing I’ve already posted on my blog. And it would probably be a somewhat original take on cat books. Man-lives-among-a-tribe-of-feral-cats-in-their-own-natural-habitat.

The problem is: I don’t think I have the sustained mental concentration that it takes to write a book anymore. That’s one of the most difficult things about writing a book. You have to sustain your level of concentration over a period of months, and even years. And the same concept you have for the book when you write page one, has to be the same concept when you finally write page 300 years later. As well as the 298 pages in between.

Anyways, if I ever did write the thing, it would probably be partly patterned after those anthropologists who live with a pack of wild gorillas in the jungle over an extended period of time, and keep a journal of all their behavioral nuances. And the other half of the book would just be Them Wacky Cats and the Things That They Do. As well as adding some of my own peculiar misadventures as the feral human of the tribe. Plus, hundreds of great photos!

They could probably even make a good movie out of the thing. If they could find the right actress to play Moo Cat.

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