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“Though shalt watch it, Monday at 8 on ABC!!”
I always thought this would make a great TV sit-com. THE JESUS CHRIST SHOW. Starring Jesus Christ in the role he was born, and born again, to play.

Jesus is living in a little apartment in Jerusalem. A bachelor. And he’s got the wacky next-door-neighbor, Peter the Rock, his dumb but sincere disciple (picture Woody Harrelson on steroids). He’s got the love interest, Mary Magdeline. And he’s torn between pursuing a career as a humble fisherman, or becoming the Messiah and savior of humanity. He’s got the nagging Jewish mother (played by the little old lady who starred on the “Golden Girls” TV show) who is always nagging him to put aside his Messianic aspirations and get a good job as a doctor or lawyer or pharmacist. And he’s got the nuerotic brother, Irving Christ (played by George from “Seinfeld”) who is always getting into wacky plot complications.

Plus, Pontious Pilate (played by Colonel Klink from “Hogan’s Heroes”) who is always trying to crucify Jesus Christ and shit, but Jesus always out-smarts the bumbling Roman Emperor.

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