I don’t know if “genius is pain” but being a freelance artist can certainly be a pain in the ass

This was the cover to my collection of comics (published by Loompanics 1990). But what annoys me to this day every time I see the cover. See the yellow panel at the bottom of the page?? That should have been colored white. Whoever designed the cover art for my book? They got it wrong. It annoys me to this day, every time I see it decades later.


Then, for my next cover, they screwed it up AGAIN. They inexplicably colored the straps of my backpack as if I was wearing a sleeve-less shirt. And if it wasn’t bad enough that they colored my work boots a bright red (I’m a dumpster-diver, not a CLOWN, dude!), they colored the cuffs of my pants as if they were part of my boots!! . .. And so now, every time I come across that cover over the last 30 years, that’s ALWAYS the first thing I think of.

So for my third cover, I figured: Fuck it. Black-and-white, baby. Let’s see them screw THAT up .

Image result for "Surviving on the streets"

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