Thursday morning at the downtown Berkeley BART station

Image may contain: sky and outdoorOdd scene in front of the Shattuck BART station just now. I’m walking by and I notice these two black guys are angrily jawing back and forth at each other. And it’s just about to get physical. They’re like chest-to-chest, and they both put up their dukes and they’re just about to start punching each other. . . When this black woman steps in between them and says rather firmly: “EXCUUUSE ME!!” She’s bigger than both of them. So they both wisely turn and walk the other way.

But the funny thing is: The woman just kept right on walking. She got on the escalator and went downstairs to board the BART train. I had assumed that she must have known one of the combatants, which was why she was breaking it up. But she just happened to be walking by, and on her accord stepped right into the the middle of it to prevent a fight from breaking out. Ha ha.

I thought that was pretty cool.

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