So many people have this stereotype view of “the homeless”

Ran into Ben the other day on Telegraph. I asked him if he had any luck finding a new place.

“No, I’ve been couch-surfing,” he said.

Ben is 76 years old and he recently got thrown out of the place in Oakland where he’d been living for like the last 20 years. Can you imagine that?? Being 76 years old and having to start all over from scratch?? Welcome to the Bay Area.

For years he had been just able to pay the rent with the combined Social Security checks from him and his wife. But when his wife passed away last month that changed everything. So now he’s scrambling to come up with a Plan B. And I hope he has one.

So many people have this stereotype view of “the homeless.” That they’re mostly just drug addicts and alcoholics and bums and mental cases. When in fact, people like Ben — and his situation — are typical of a large percentage of the homeless these days.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Hate Man, Yoshua and Ben, having some fun on Sproul Plaza back in 1991

3 thoughts on “So many people have this stereotype view of “the homeless”

  1. I hope he does ok, he was one of the best people I ever met on Telegraph. His wife was Nadja right? Both sweet people. Maybe if he went to this place called Homeless Action Center in Berkeley, they helped me but that was back in 2000 or 1999. I am sorry to hear about Nadja RIP. Maybe Osha Neumann might know of a group that gets people housing. That should be illegal to throw someone out after their wife dies like that at his age, they should go to jail or worse.

  2. If I’m ever having a bad day, all I gotta do to get out of my head is to read Ace Backword’s works, and then my day gets better.

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