A father and son at the Berkeley Public Library

I find the strangest things funny.

Funny scene at the Berkeley Library today. I’m walking up the stairs from the first floor to the second floor. Right up ahead of me is this father with his young son. I don’t think the little guy was even two years old. He was taking these little baby steps as he struggled to get up the stairs. His father was holding his hand and encouraging him by counting off each step that he made. “17, 18, 19 . . .” They were headed towards the Childrens Room on the 4th floor.

When they got to the 2nd floor the father started to lead his son towards the next flight of stairs. But instead the son tugged on the father like he wanted to check out the 2nd floor. The father decided to indulge his son and see what he wanted to check out on the 2nd floor. The kid led the father right to the elevator.

“Smart kid,” I said to the father.

The father gave me a big, beaming smile. I could tell he was proud of his son. And that kid WAS pretty smart. Ya know? “The hell with these stairs, Pops! Let’s ride up to the 4th floor in style.”

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