A tense confrontation with some total stranger at two in the morning

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It can get a little spooky sometimes, heading up the road to my campsite in the deep dark woods late at night every night. It’s one of the reasons I usually have the place all to myself. You never know who might be lurking about at that hour. People like me for instance.

Every now and then some stranger will confront me while I’m walking up the road at 2 in the morning. And that can get a little tense. A couple weeks ago I had a weird scene. I was walking up the road to my campsite. Mini Scaredy was waiting for me in the bushes, as usual. And she jumped out and started following me from behind as I walked up the road. About half way up the road, this car that was driving by suddenly stops in the middle of the road, right along side me, for no apparent reason. The guy gets out of his car and starts to approach me.

“What do you want!!” I said, with a sharp edge in my voice. I don’t like ANYBODY approaching me at two in the morning in the deep, dark hills.

“Is that cat all right?” he said.

“What??” I said.

I turned around and saw Mini Scaredy darting across the road. Apparently she had jumped in front of the guy’s car, so he was stopping to make sure he hadn’t hit her.

“Oh. Yeah. The cat is fine,” I said. “But thanks for stopping to check on it, cool cat.”

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He got in his car and drove off. And me and Mini Scaredy continued on our way up the trail. And when we got to my campsite, I gave Mini Scaredy a long, stern lecture about the dangers of the road and the cars. Though I’m not sure how much of it she understood. English is her second language, after all.

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