The joys of smoking

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“I’ll give you 50-cents for a cigarette.”
“OK.” (I take out a cigarette)
“Can I pay you the 50-cents later?”

“Can I use your lighter?”
“OK.” (I hand him my lighter)
“Now could I get a cigarette to go with the lighter?”

(guy comes up to me smoking a cigarette) “Spare a cigarette?”
“What do you want a cigarette for? You’re already smoking one?”
“I want another one for later.”

“Do you have a spare cigarette?”
“No, my pack only comes with 20. Doesn’t come with any spares.”

“Can I get a cigarette?”
“You certainly can. They sell them in that store right across the street.”

4 thoughts on “The joys of smoking

  1. I’ve been following your blog for years, I am also a smoker, and I am very sad that you’ve started again! I haven’t even tried, but you gave me hope. I really don’t want to quit, but everyone hassles me. Also, when I got sick last year, which happens more and more all of the time, I DO hate smoking. I left the Hospital ER AMA -to smoke! But in all seriousness, make sure you get a Pneumovax and a flu shot. I didn’t use to believe in them (I was a nurse, young, and had a good immune system). That was 14 years ago, so now I say if you smoke and you’re 5, 60 or older, get them. Luckily the Pneumovax is only like every 6 years or so, it HURTS! I’m not a wimp or scared of needles either, unfortunately. I’m only semi-normal too, haha. I know you from your artwork in the early days (60’s) of freedom (?) in this cruddy-er country as it progresses down the wormhole it seems. Maybe Bernie will win and put me in a better state of mind. Take care! Kina

    1. Thanks for the nice words. I quit smoking in 2014. One of the few New Years Resolutions I ever kept. . . I found a pack the other day so I smoked it up for the hell of it. But I’m not going back to smoking.

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