Scaredy Cat and her two kittens Mini Scaredy and Mini Owl

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Scaredy Cat had her first litter  in 2016. Two kittens. One looked just like the dad, this burly tom I named Owl.  And one looked just like the mom. So that was some nice symmetry. So I named the kittens Mini Owl and Mini Scaredy.

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Scaredy Cat was very affectionate with her kittens. She had previously had two miscarriages (one, right on top of my blankets). So I think it was a big relief to finally successfully pull it.

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Mini Scaredy — true to her name — was somewhat shy, and it took awhile before she began to trust me.  Often she’d hide behind her mom, and would back away if I tried to pet her.
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Mini Owl was the opposite — bold and assertive. Right from when he first showed up at my campsite at 3 months old, he connected with me. He was constantly watching me, like he was studying me. And after eating breakfast, he’d immediately trot over and hang out with me for a bit.

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Playful and mischievous, Mini Owl was always getting into some kind of trouble. And he quickly became one of my favorites.

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Here’s a shot of the two cosmic kittens, nestling with mom at nap-time. The on-going drama at the time was, Mini Owl wanted to constantly suck on Mom’s teat. He was a little monster programmed to devour and consume everything in his path. Ha ha. But as loving as Mom was, she had to explain to Junior the cruel facts of life: “THE PARTY IS OVER, DUDE! YOU’RE 6 MONTHS OLD NOW! GET OFF MY TEAT!!” She’d hiss at him, take a swat at him, and then go back to sleep. Ha ha. Cats.
Image may contain: cat and outdoor

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