Looking back fondly (and otherwise) on the year that was, 2019


.January 2019: The University destroys over 70% of the trees, mostly completely healthy trees, at the top of People’s Park, for a variety of bogus reasons. (My favorite “reason” was: “The trees were blocking out light.” Yes. That’s what trees DO. They supply shade.)

February 2009: Ace Backwords spends the entire year as mostly a completely law-abiding citizen. .  . Well, two out of three.

April 2019: Against all odds, People’s Park celebrated it’s 50th birthday. And, among other things, Berkeley legend Country Joe McDonald reprised his “Fish Cheer” one last time.  “GIMME AN F!!!  . . . .  .”

. April 2019: The feral cats spent the entire year mostly slacking off. As usual.

.May 2019: One of the great highlights in the world of publishing in year 2019, was the publication of THE BOOK OF WEIRDO by Jon. B Cooke.

.June 2019: Artist R. Crumb is immortalized on the garbage cans of Berkeley.

.July 2019:  The Golden State Warriors basketball dynasty comes to a sudden end.

.August 2019: The Heterosexual Pride Parade draws a small, but raging, group of proud heteros.

.In a related aside, a trans woman, an asian, and a latino stage a three-person parade and march down Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley in support of President Trump.

.September 2019: One of Micro Scaredy’s litter of kittens finally makes it’s way to my campsite — Nano Scaredy — the fourth cat in the “Scaredy” lineage. But alas, Nano Scaredy disappears a couple of weeks later.

.September 2019: Ace Backwords fulfills a life-long dream by finally becoming a trading card. Suitable for trading (two Ace Backwords and a Peter Bagge will get you a ’67 Mickey Mantle).

.October 2019: The “Blacks for Trump” movement fails to gain much traction.

.November 2019: Over a thousand angry — but mostly peaceful — protesters show up on the Berkeley campus to protest Ann Coulter’s speech on immigration.

.In a related aside, Ann Coulter dubs me her “Berkeley Man About Town” and tweets out two of my photos to her millions of Twitter followers.

.December 2019:  Ace Backwords does his part to unify the Bay Area community!!

.December 2019: More than a few people breathed a sigh of relief as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg made it through another year.


3 thoughts on “Looking back fondly (and otherwise) on the year that was, 2019

    1. I used to rate all of my years on a scale of 1 to 10 . . . I never had a 10, where I was ecstatic and on top of the world for an entire year. And I never had a 1, where it was relentlessly hellish all year. But I have had some 9s, that were pretty great. And some 2s that were pretty miserable . .. But for the last ten years, all my years have basically been 5s. Not really great, but not really awful, either. Just a pretty even mixture of bad and good stuff.

      Needless to say, I gave year 2019 another 5.

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