Getting the New Year off on the right foot

The owner of this Toledo, Ohio, 7-Eleven gave a hungry shoplifter food instead of calling the cops.

It’s New Years Day, and I just went down to 7-11 to get my morning coffee. I was waiting in line, and I was just about to put my coffee on the counter when this guy cut in front of me. I instantly bristled. If there one thing that will incite my “macho” side it’s somebody cutting in front of me on line.

I considered making an issue of it. But then I realized he had been standing in the aisle directly in front of the cashier. And he very likely had been waiting on line before I got there (most people wait on line along side the counter, but every now and then someone gets confused about the concept and waits on line in the aisle directly in front of the cashier). So I decided not to make an issue of it. And besides, he was only buying one little bottle of wine, so the transaction wouldn’t take long. And besides, I never like to get into any kind of scene before I have my morning coffee in me.

The cashier greeted the guy with a friendly smile. Evidently he knew the guy. “How long were you in prison?” said the cashier.

“Seven years,” he said. “I was in prison for seven years. For bank robbery.”

“Eww, seven years. That’s a long time!”

“Yeah, but I just walked it off. I knew there was nothing I could do about it. I had to do the time. So I just walked it off.”

The guy waved good-bye to the cashier and headed out the door to drink his wine.

I was doubley glad I hadn’t made an issue out of it. Some of those guys just out of prison will shank you over the slightest offense.

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