It’s Mini Scaredy’s world and we just live in it

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

Mini Scaredy is a little different than the other feral cats. A little more cocky and self-assured than the other cats.

While all the other feral cats fled in terror when the tree-cutting arborists showed up at my campsite last week — this invading army of trucks and buzz-saws and machinery and hordes of construction/destruction workers in florescent green vests wielding shovels and other tools of destruction. . . Mini Scaredy paid them no mind. Occasionally she’d even trot down near to where they were working to check out for herself what they were doing.

Her attitude was like: “What the fuck are all these humans doing in MY campsite.” Ha ha.

One thought on “It’s Mini Scaredy’s world and we just live in it

  1. What’s going on around you made me think of Watership Down, and the plight of the rabbits. Hazel, Bigwig, etc., don’t know if you read it.

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