Cats are so smart

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Last month Scaredy Cat somehow managed to track me down at one of my late-night drinking spots on the Berkeley campus. And for awhile she was showing up every night for a late-night supper. Then she’d hang out with me for a couple hours while I was drinking.

But I guess after awhile she got concerned about being so close to civilization, and people (which feral cats generally avoid like the plague).

So what she does now: She waits in the bushes about half-way up the road to my campsite. And when I pass by late at night, she’ll suddenly jump out at me, like: “Surprise!! It’s me!! Scaredy Cat!!” And I’ll fix her a nice late-night dinner. . .Somehow she’s figured out exactly the route I take to my campsite every night. And when I take it. So she just waits in the bushes there like clockwork.

Cats study us, and our behaviors. And figure out ways to slide in there right beside us.

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