The flight of the majestic wild turkey

Image may contain: bird, outdoor and nature

This morning one of them goddamn wild turkeys was rushing down the hill in the direction of the cat food dish. So I took off after him to run him off before he got to the food. The turkey went into full sprint mode (they’re fast as lightning believe it or not). So he had a good head of steam when he suddenly took flight into the air. And he soared like a hand glider, at least 40 feet off the ground. It was a very impressive sight seeing that turkey flying like an eagle. They can’t stay airborne for too long, because they weigh so much. But they definitely got some flying skills. That turkey soared across the creek and then landed, semi-gracefully, on the other side of the hill.

I still hate those bastards. Cat food-stealin’ varmints!!

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