All types in this world of ours

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The guy sitting across from me is babbling to himself non-stop, while he plays with these tiny, plastic toy soldiers. Periodically he’ll take a big drag off of something he’s smoking (not sure what it is but it’s not pot or tobacco). Can’t make out any of the words he’s saying except for when he sings out “Son of a beeeeech!!” like he’s singing opera.

Did I mention there were some peculiar people in this town??

2 thoughts on “All types in this world of ours

    1. I first hit Berkeley in 1974. And it was still very much like a ’60s time-warp. Continued on that way at least through the ’90s. But now,with the changing demographics from mass immigration, and a large foreign population who has no concept of “the Sixties” it’s pretty much fading away. Plus, most of the old hippies are dying out.

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