Pink Cloud

“Now that Hate Man’s gone, you must be the oldest street person in Berkeley,” I said. “How old are you, Pink Cloud?”

“I’m 75,” said Pink Cloud.

“I’m 63,” I said.

“Robert E. Lee was 63 when he died,” he said

“I don’t think George Washington lived to be 40,” I said.

“No, George Washington lived to be 67,” he said. “He was born in 1732.”

“I did not know that,” I said. “I flunked history.”

“George Washington fought in the French and Indian War, in 1754,” he said. “He STARTED the French and Indian War.”

I started to back away as Pink Cloud launched into a lengthy historical diatribe about the French and Indian War

5 thoughts on “Pink Cloud

  1. I read the big,fat Chernow bio on Washington and I still couldn’t tell you what year he was born, died or how old he was. Pink Cloud’s either pretty smart or I’m pretty dumb. Either is prob true.

    1. Pink Cloud’s mind is like a computer that constantly spews out data. Some of which is accurate. Others, not so much.

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