A not so Happy Meal at McDonald’s

Image may contain: one or more people

I’m at McDonald’s and this woman customer just went off on the McDonald’s employees. She was ahead of me on line and I heard her whole routine, making all these special requests with her order, demanding “first class treatment” from a friggin’ fast food restaurant. First she asks for her order to be placed “in two separate bags.” Then she demands they “double-bag” the whole thing. Then she makes numerous other requests/demands. Then she looks at her receipt, claims she was over-charged (“28 dollars for THIS??!!”). Demands they re-ring it up (they got it right).

Then, as she’s starting to leave with her bags of food she notices some kind of imperfection with her order. Rushes back to the counter and starts angrily haranguing the employees. “I’M 63 YEARS OLD!! HOW DARE YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!! THAT’S NOOO WAY TO TREAT THE CUSTOMERS!! I DEMAND TO SEE THE MANAGER!!” That bit

I’ve been going to the particular McDonald’s for decades. I’ve never had a single problem. Not one.

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