The haughty one Micro Scaredy


Micro Scaredy was the only one of my feral cats that had that “haughty” cat stereotype thing going. Micro Scaredy was born at my campsite, and it took a long time before she let me pet her. And when she finally did let me pet her, she’d act like she was doing me this big favor. Ha ha. And she did this other thing where she’d regularly wake me up in the middle of the night by jabbing at my face with her claws. That was her way of letting me know that she wanted some food and she wanted it right now. I’d pull the covers over my head in an attempt to ignore her. And she’d just sit right on top of my head. Ha ha. And the funny thing was, the whole time she was harrassing me, she’d be purring loudly. She ENJOYED being a prick. Like I said, she was born at my campsite, born into the situation. And she just took it as a given that I was basically there to cater to her every need.

But her whole attitude towards me changed after she got banished from my campsite by Mini Scaredy in a territorial dispute. Now it was more catch-as-catch-can if and when we might hook up. And we might go 3 or 4 days without seeing each other. So now when she did see me coming towards her in the morning with her breakfast, she comes charging up the trail towards me, rubbing against my legs, and purring away. And after hanging out with her for awhile, when I finally get up to leave, she goes running after me. Like she’s thinking: “DON’T LEAVE ME!!”

Image may contain: cat, tree and outdoorMost cat-owners will tell you about the strong bond that their cat develops with their human. But there’s a slightly different dynamic at play with my feral cats. Micro Scaredy basically lives all alone, fending for herself in a hostile world. And she looks at virtually everything in her world as being either a threat to her, or indifferent towards her. With the one exception of me. I am the only part of her universe that supplies her with food, love, comfort and support. So I become a very singular part of her life.

So, no more haughty cat for Micro Scaredy.

One thought on “The haughty one Micro Scaredy

  1. Shes precious, Ace….Hey Ace, Do you remember a song by the Zombies called “Its The Time of Season”….if you can post it to your Facebook so I’ll know and can listen to it…Stay Safe and be well….have a good evening! ✌🎢🌻

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